Regular Chauffeurs clinch on an App for Ride-Hailing The people have been benefitted to a great extent from the moment the ride-railing industry has come into existence. There are millions of people who are at present using this particular service to a great extent. It is a fact that these people have been commuting to different destinations on a regular basis. If they are unable to find a mode of transport to take them, all they need to do is swipe through an app and they have their ride right at their doorstep. Uber is the American based company which started this fleet of ride-sharing in 2009. It has been around 7 years now that it had started the business and we can see that it has reached to a tremendous growth. The enormity to which it has grown is absolutely astounding, now the service is available in around more than 550 locations around the globe. This has led to something different with the regular taxi drivers; they Android Android Expert agency feel like that their livelihood is at loss. On the other end, we can see that there is another company with the same ride-sharing business. It is Ola, an Indian based online transportation network organization which is spread across India. They started their venture in the year 2010 and it is now 6 years since they have come down the lane. It is said that they expanded their service to around 100 different cities across India with around 200,000 cars. Both the companies have risen to great heights and it is evident that they are putting efforts to scale up to the skies. The companies have been providing the people with better services for them to travel to different locations in the cities. It is a fact that millions of drivers across the cities and other countries have been benefitted with the introduction of the ride-sharing business. On the flip side, we can see that there are the regular taxi drivers who have been affected by the ride-hailing business. It is evident that the taxi unions in India are struggling to make through the business. The prominent reason behind people switching to the ride-sharing cabs over the traditional taxis is the price for the rides they get to pay. All the taxi drivers in India are not happy with Uber and Ola, as they Casperon ios Developers are in a huge loss. It has been a while that the drivers have not been able to gain good profits with the fares which have been applied. They are agitated with the ride-sharing companies Ola and Uber. Hence they have decided that they should be launching an app. A Delhi-based union for the taxi drivers has decided to take on this issue and make sure that the taxi drivers get their fair share of profit. It is true that the regular taxi drivers have been curbed with the less income which they are making with the rides which they take on a regular basis. They have decided to give a strong competition to the most renowned companies a tough competition. Uber and Ola have successfully sidelined the business of the local taxi drivers. There are other commoners who have registered themselves on the platform and have made an income through it. But, what about the existing taxi drivers? Their job is also is at stake, they are self-employed and this is the way they have been a making a living and it is hard for them to get along with the raising competition. On the flip side, it is said that a few of the drivers who work under Uber and Ola are not happy with the income they receive through the app. There was a recent protest by the drivers requesting Uber to hike the prices for the rides. If that being said, the company stated that the drivers are being able to make around 1500 to 2500 in a day, which is significant. A few millions of the drivers did go on an indefinite strike against the companies. They were not happy with the incentives which were provided by the companies. The issues from the regular taxi drivers and the drivers who have been working for the organizations have been protesting for a while now. This phase is getting hard for the firms to handle and they are trying to find ways to resolve it. The union at Delhi Chaalak Shakti has decided to launch the app named as “Sewa Cab”. Services from the app are operational from the 7th of April in the National Capital of the country, Delhi. It is said that the State Government has not taken any kind of actions towards resolving the issues which the drivers have been facing. They have taken a step forward and have decided to provide a service to people, serving them in a better way. There are advantages which the commuters will be able to avail of the cab service available through the app. The tech geeks behind this app have stated that the fares will be reasonably less and they will maintain transparency with the charging for the rides. If a rider is regular in availing the service then they will be awarded perks as in free rides. When it comes to Uber and Ola, if there is a demand for the service there is a surge price which will be applied. This is where the union has scored a point, it is said that there will be no surge pricing given any kind of situation. The riders will be paying for the distance they have traveled, not more than that. A particular feature is available on the app which reads in as “Hail and Go”. It is similar to that of hailing a normal taxi or auto-rickshaw on the street. Once the rider boards the cab, the driver would request for the phone number of the rider. The driver would feed in the details in the fare meter which is in the app and from there the ride will be started. This new service has come into the limelight post the complaints from around 3000 cab drivers stating that they have been deceived and exploited by the companies. One of the cab drivers stated that, when these companies came in, they wanted to take over the market. Lure away the riders and drivers with great offers from their business. Once they have settled with their business, the drivers were subjected to penalties and their incomes decreased invariably, which lead the drivers to survive with it. A few of the riders are glad about the change which has come, as they will be able to use a different service at a lesser price when compared to that of Uber and Ola. The riders had fewer options, now we can see that with the introduction of the new app, there are more possibilities for both the riders and the drivers as well. In past, the auto-rickshaw and cab drivers would charge more than the optimal charge. Now with this new availability of service, we can be sure that we are not being overly charged and only the minimal fare for the rides is being charged. There are many riders who are happy with this new initiative from the union of taxi drivers. They have come across situations where they have been overcharged and they do not have any other option but use the service. The prices which are available in this service are Rs 7/km and the registration of the cabs was started from March 17th and ended around 31st of March. Apart from that, a soft skills program was conducted for the drivers post their registration with the service. Uber and Ola charge around 27 percent of the commission from the drivers which range from 12,000 to 20,000 per month. This is not the same with Sewa; the drivers will be charged only a fixed 700 per month which is reasonable enough. Payment for the ride will be done in cash initially and over a period of time, the e-payment will also be made available for the riders. All the transactions will directly reach the driver's wallet and there will not be any kind of interruption by connecting to the union. The cab drivers are happy with this new service, as they feel not glad to be with Uber or Ola. This makes it clear that the initiative from the Delhi-based union for the taxi drivers is going to spread throughout the other parts of the country. It is for sure the companies are going to face a tough challenge from the regular taxi drivers on the long run. On the flip side, happy days are back for the drivers and the riders as well. So folks, go ahead install the app and start with a safe and comfortable ride on Sewa Happy Driving and Riding!!!